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CH Avalonsfirst Lady Love

LADY was our phenomenal chocolate brown girl with a fantastic temperament, lots of spirit, and limitless curiosity.

LADY was one of our homegrown babies and my first female champion that I bred and finished completely myself. This little girl loved to show! She flew around the ring and was such a great free stacker. Her impressive show career includes several AKC majors and is a Best of Variety winner. She earned her Canadian Championship quickly and won a fourth in Sporting Group.

Sadly, sweet Lady has passed away quite suddenly to Congestive Heart Failure at 13 years old. LADY was very special to us. She was quite a little spitfire and full of personality and life. She had slowed down some the past couple years and was such a little trooper and such a little stinker!

She loved treats and had such fun exploring and visiting people. Miss personality plus, she was quite a character and had a mind of her own. She always wanted to be where with action was, did not want to miss anything or the opportunity to find a lost crumb. She was very food motivated and if there was anything good to eat on the counter she would guard the spot and bark at anyone who came near.

She absolutely loved car rides and would always run to the gate wanting to come. Then in the car she would spend the next 15 minutes rolling around in the back seat and being very vocal about it. She loved being scratched and would paw your leg quite aggressively when you were sitting to get your attention. She also loved rolling around on the bed and nesting in bedding, picking up blankets in her mouth to rearrange and being in the high spot.

She brought a lot of joy and we had so many good times, we took her everywhere for car rides, walks in the park, and on the beach and she had such fun. Love you and miss you so much punkin.

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