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CASEY was our magnificent black sphinx with a sweet personality and a playful spirit. He was inquisitive about his surroundings and loved to explore everything. One of Casey's favorite pastimes was to chase bugs, especially the ones that fly. His antics involved jumping, chasing, and leaping through the air trying to catch that elusive dragonfly. Another pastime of Casey's was to collect all the nylabones in the house. He would go to each Vari-Kennel, open the unlocked door with his paw, then proceed to retrieve the nylabone from within.

CASEY - a tall, elegant, stylish dog with a plush head, clean neck and shoulders, deep in chest, tremendous rib spring, hard back with a strong driving rear. He was a well-balanced dog of correct size according to our standard with flawless movement on a loose lead. Casey always strived to please, was more than willing to work, and a pleasure to handle. Whether taking a stroll through the park or walking into the show ring, I felt proud to have this stunning dog at my side.

Sadly, we lost our beautful black boy in early November 2010. He spent his last day with us on his favorite green pillow. Casey fought greatly to stay in this world and be with us. He will be greatly missed ... my Mom's heart dog.

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